Nimbus Infrastructure

Nimbus Infrastructure is a Namibia Stock Exchange listed company that Cirrus listed in 2017.

We are the investment advisors to the company, with a focus on ICT companies and ICT infrastructure.

Nimbus Infrastructure Limited (“Nimbus”) was listed on the Namibia Stock Exchange (NSX) in October 2017, as the country and exchange’s first Capital Pool Company

The company is an investment holding company with a focus on ICT investments, particularly ICT infrastructure, and acts as a vehicle through which to deploy capital into the ICT space.

The listing of Nimbus was the brainchild of Cirrus Capital, whose team spearheaded the listing process, alongside local law firm Cronje and Company, and individuals from the Paratus group.

The Capital Pool Company, while in the rules of the NSX since 2012, had never before been tried in Namibia, meaning that extensive first run development was required from the team. From a 16-page draft pre-listing statement, the team put together the listing documentation and pre-listing statement in record time, with little over three months between the formal commencement of the project to the closing of the raising.

Nimbus was listed as an ICT investment vehicle, with a focus on acquiring and developing ICT companies and ICT assets and infrastructure across the sub-Saharan Africa region.

To date, the company has acquired a little over 51% in Paratus Telecommunications (Pty) Ltd in Namibia, and is seeking further acquisitions in the ICT space, particularly in the fiber infrastructure space.

Following the completion of acquisition of viable assets by the CPC, the company was converted to a NSX mainboard listing. The company, having only existed since mid-2017, now has a market cap of approximately N$300 million. Nimbus currently has an investment management agreement signed with Cirrus, whereby Cirrus identifies and develops potential projects for submission to the Nimbus Investment Committee and Nimbus Board. As part of the agreement, a Cirrus representative, Romé Mostert, serves on the Nimbus Exco, in the role of Chief Investment Officer.

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