Cirrus Securities

Cirrus Securities provides equity and fixed income trading services.

Cirrus Securities was acquired into the Cirrus Group in September 2018.

Cirrus Securities was acquired into the Cirrus Group in September 2018.

Many of the Cirrus team members have experience in the stockbroking space, having run stockbrokers, as well as headed brokerage research teams.

Cirrus Securities is one of four active stockbrokers trading on the Namibia Stock Exchange, with expertise in the equity and debt trading.

The primary business of Cirrus Securities is the trading of debt and equity on the Namibia and Johannesburg Stock Exchanges

As well as trading OTC instruments such as Namibian Government treasury bills and bonds. The team trades on behalf of large institutional investors, as well as on behalf of retail individuals.

Please feel free to contact our trading desk at for assistance with buying or selling Namibian equities, corporate and government debt.

Cirrus Securities boast a substantial money-market book, and prides itself in high-quality client services relating to money market and cash-flow management.

The company’s money market offering is priced competitively, with personalized service to all clients. All invested funds are managed by professional fund managers, investing in suitable, low-risk, high-liquidity instruments in Namibia and South Africa. For information on money market services, please email

Cirrus Securities is one of the sponsoring brokers on the Namibia Stock Exchange and is currently the sponsor of Stimulus Investments Limited.

Cirrus Securities aims to provide competitive sponsoring services, with a keen interest in working with the companies it sponsors to provide additional services in the advisory and capital raising space, as well as in the research space.

The Cirrus team has substantial experience with listings, having been involved, to varying extents, in all of the primary listings on the NSX between 2012 and 2018. Furthermore, the team has had various levels of involvement in a number of debt as well as secondary and development board equity listings over recent years.