Cirrus Financial Consulting

We focus on providing all core financial services using cloud-based solutions.

Our team has extensive financial expertise and can provide our clients with the quality advice and service they deserve.

Our services range from day-to-day account processing to payroll solutions to easy-to-comprehend management accounts to compiling annual financial statement.

Cirrus Financial Consulting to handle all core financial services we can eliminate the need for an in-house finance department.

No matter the size of your business, from sole-proprietors to medium-sized entities, from physiotherapists to game farms – our tailor-made packages will suit your needs.

We offer more than just accounting services:
  • Low friction external CFO function to eliminate the need for internal finance team, allowing you to focus on running your business.
  • Timely management accounts to give you the foundation you need to make informed decisions to take your business to the next level;
  • Guidance and advice tailored to your business;
  • Tax, Social Security, business registration, secretarial services and payroll solutions, at a competitive price, ensures headache free administration of your business.
Services we provide

What is bookkeeping: A Bookkeeper is like the engine room of an accounting team, maintaining a variety of ledgers used to produce key financial reports. Recording transactions such as income and expenses, and posting them to various accounts, processing payments, conducting daily banking activities and producing various financial reports.

Based on your needs we can provide bookkeeping services on the following two options:

External CompilationDocuments and information will be collected from your offices or delivered to our offices, uploaded to the accounting system or emailed for processing. We will then process and capture and produce a trial balance.

Internal CompilationAccounting records are being captured and recorded by an internal bookkeeper at your offices and we will review this information on a monthly, bi-monthly or weekly basis.


What is accounting: Accounting services include perfecting of financial services, preparation of tax returns, track expenses and revenues, produce financial records and provide advisory services to a business.

We are proud certified partners of Xero. Xero is one of the leading online accounting packages in the world, with over two million subscribers. Using cloud-based software means that you have access to your financial data anytime, anywhere from any device. This flexibility means that you can run your business from work, home or even on the go. You can have confidence that you have an up-to-date picture of how your business is doing, no matter where you are. Based on your needs and budget we provide accounting services on a weekly, monthly, bi-monthly or annual basis.

Payroll Solutions

What are payroll solutions: A basic payroll service will collect wage and hour information from the employer and use that information to calculate gross wages, subtract all pertinent withholdings and deductions, provide reconciliations for payment and prepare all employment tax filings.

Making use of our cloud-based payroll solution you can manage your staff throughout the complete employee life cycle. From recruitment, position management, performance management, succession and talent management to learning and skills development including important employee file and document history.

The cloud-based solution has the following features:

Leave management A comprehensive and simplistic leave administration module is available, depending on the complexity of your needs where basic conditions of employment compliance, as well as complicated accumulative and non-accumulative leave structures, may be administered.

Employee self-service Employee self-service capability allows the employee to log into the system, review committed payslip and tax certificate data, change biographical information, add dependents and apply for leave.

Organisation structures Complex and simple hierarchy management module options are also available where limitless organisational structure and reporting levels may be setup which relates directly to the position and grade of the employee

Management Reports

When running your business, you would like to make informed that drive your business’ performance. We can assist by compiling customized management reports including Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that track and measure critical information in your business. These reports are delivered in an easy-to-read format for you to better understand and use to make informed business decisions. Based on your needs, we can compile management reports on a weekly or monthly basis, with as much or little detail as you desire.

VAT and Taxation Services

We deal directly with the Receiver of Revenue. We assist Individuals, trusts, companies and close corporations to comply with tax legislation, covering all types of taxation. Our services include the comprehensive support with monthly, periodic and annual obligations and entitlements. What’s more, we take responsibility for ensuring that your returns are submitted in a timeous manner, ensuring that you never forget to submit returns and thus avoid penalties and interest for late or missed payments.

Income Tax

  • Registration and deregistration for income tax;
  • Calculating and submission of provisional and annual tax returns;
  • Assisting with queries and tax audits raised by the Receiver of Revenue.


  • Registration and deregistration for PAYE;
  • Calculation and submission of monthly PAYE;
  • Performing PAYE reconciliations;
  • Assisting with the application for Housing Schemes.

VAT, and Import VAT

  • Registration and deregistration of VAT and Import VAT accounts;
  • Assisting with VAT audits;
  • Obtaining ASYCUDA reports on a monthly basis;
  • Assisting with Fitness Certificates.

Social Security

  • Registration and deregistration of Employers and Employees;
  • Obtaining Good Standing Certificates;
  • Calculation and submission of monthly Social Security returns;
  • Completion and submission of annual wage returns;
  • Obtaining employment equity certificates.

Other Tax Services

  • Obtaining Good Standing Certificates;
  • Assisting with analysing tax accounts and corresponding with the Receiver of Revenue to clear outstanding matters;
Secretarial Services (Registration and amendments of CC and Companies)

We can assist you with all your business registration and amendment needs by providing the following services:

  • Registration of Trusts, Close Corporations and Companies;
  • Deregistration of corporate entities;
  • Amendments of Close Corporations and Companies;
  • Conversion of Close Corporation to Company and vice versa;
  • Filing of annual duties;

We also offer domain registrations and email hosting with all new registrations to complement your business name.

Domain registrations and email hosting

What Is a Domain Name? A domain name is essentially your website’s equivalent of a physical address. In the same way that a GPS needs a street address or a zipcode to provide directions, a web browser needs a domain name to direct you to a website.

Why Should You Get a Domain Name?

A Domain Name Has Authority One of the first challenges that a small business owner faces is to establish a firm foundation of credibility. To be viewed by potential customers as a real business is absolutely critical.

What are some of the things that make people see a business as real? The most common expectation is that a company will have a business name, some level of branding (like marketing materials that include the company name and logo), and a website.

Fifty years ago, the first item on that list would have been a brick-and-mortar business address, but today, a company needs to have a website in order to appear legitimate. Your website will be your domain name—something like

In many ways, that domain name is the face of your business. It includes your company’s name, it’s how people find you on the web, and there’s one more place it can work for you every day: at the end of your business email address.

Here’s how using a business domain for your email will play a huge part in establishing your business’ credibility.

Project Professionalism Unlike many business decisions, choosing between a business domain email and free email is black and white. Using a business domain email address is a baseline requirement if you want your company to come off as professional.

When you provide your business email address to customers and prospects, don’t expect them to be all that impressed by the fact that you use business domain email. Doing so is more about avoiding the alternative—using a free email account for your business purposes is a terrible mistake.

Which of the following email addresses seems more professional?

Using a Gmail account makes customers and prospects wonder if your business is more of a side project than a serious business. Using a business domain account gives people the impression that you take your business seriously and have set up a dedicated communication channel to serve your customers.

Stand Out from the Competition Using a free email account for business looks bad. That’s common knowledge. But there will always be a few companies that didn’t get the memo.

By using business domain email, you can differentiate yourself from all your less savvy competitors. They may have figured out ways to engage prospects in an attempt to generate new business, but their use of a free email account will be a red flag, raising questions about how seriously they take their business.

For some people, seeing that generic email address is what will make them move on to a different company—one like yours, that has a professional image, complete with a domain email address.

Annual Financial Statement Preparation

We offer Annual Financial Statement preparation services to our clients who request this service irrespective of the size of the entity, sole trader, trust, close corporation or partnership. Where applicable the Annual Financial Statements complies with the relevant accounting standards, where we provide guidance to our clients in this regard.

We believe that the standard of the Annual Financial Statements that we prepare exceed the requirements of the Companies Act and accounting standards that apply.

Audit File Preparation and Supervision

Make a demanding process easier on everyone by outsourcing your audit prep

A Disorganized Audit is Costly Without well organized documents to complete an audit efficiently, your auditor will spend more time on site, racking up costs to your organization and demanding additional hours by your internal staff.

Save Time

  • Your company can spend as much time preparing for an audit as the audit firm does conducting the onsite portion. By having an experienced outsourced accounting team prepare your company for the audit, your team will be able to focus on key daily accounting tasks instead of on preparing for the audit

Minimize Audit Costs

  • Keep audit costs at a minimum by having all required documentation organized and prepared in a way that the auditor can quickly and effectively use them. This will limit the auditor’s need to spend more time asking questions and compiling documentation, saving you time and money.

Be Fully Prepared

  • Knowing exactly what is required by auditors is something that only years of experience can provide. However, company can access the wisdom and best practices of seasoned accounting experts with decades of top-level audit expertise allowing companies to have their financial statements in ideal shape for any audit that could arise, at any time.
Virtual CFO

In addition to the services listed above, we also offer Virtual CFO solutions. This is a relatively new concept and is a way for small businesses to get CFO support that they wouldn't have been able to afford previously. Small businesses that hire a Virtual CFO get access to an experienced financial professional at a fraction of the cost of a full-time CFO.

Many small businesses fail within the first three years. Reasons include cashflow challenges or surprises (e.g. unexpected tax payments), failure to set themselves apart from the competition, and an inability to find a profitable business model. With an accounting professional acting as their Virtual CFO, they could keep their financial goals and realities clearly in sight.

A Virtual CFO is an affordable alternative to hiring a full-time CFO and can make a big difference to a small business, by:

  • Creating budgets and forecasts;
  • Ensuring financial records are maintained accurately and timeously;
  • Ensuring business owners have a firm understanding of their financial position;
  • Assisting with cashflow management;
  • Ensuring regulatory and tax compliance;
  • Pinpointing problem spending;
  • Validating or discouraging business decisions with financial well-being in mind.