Knowledge for the
future of Namibia

Cirrus Capital is a 100% Namibian-owned, broad-scoped financial services company.

Cirrus head office building


  • financial support for real and financial sector companies
  • commissioned financial and economic research
  • financial sector development activities a diversified retail and institutional client base.


  • to create jobs and wealth for Namibians
  • to deliver a truly unique and tailored service for our clients
  • to help develop our country and its economy

We are...

driven by passionate, motivated young Namibians with world-class expertise and exceptional on-the-ground knowledge of the local economy and financial sector.

Romé Mostert, CFA


Romé is an experienced research analyst and certified NSX broker with experience in...

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Rowland Brown


Rowland is a researcher and technical economist and has served on the...

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